Blu Kote Aerosol

Blu Kote Aerosol

  • TRADITIONAL ANIMAL WOUND DRESSING - Blu-Kote is an animal first aid neccesity and has been used by generations of animal owners as a fast acting and effective animal wound dressing. The time tested product helps wounds close quickly and heal properly.
  • GERM KILLING FUNGICIDAL FORMULA - Blu-Kote penetrates and dry's skin quickly reducing pus formation. The fungicidal formula defends open cuts,wounds and lesions from infections while they heal.
  • REDUCES DISCOMFORT & PROMOTES HEALING - Bandages and gauze can limit your animals mobility, causing them to become stationary which limits their ability to heal and recover from wounds and injury. Blu-Kote is directly applied to the wound and does not limit your animals mobility, allowing them to move freely and recover more quickly.
  • EASY TO APPLY PUMP SPRAY - The easy to use 4oz spray bottle allows you to apply Blu-Kote quickly and effectively to your animals injury.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Dr. Naylor strives to be on the forefront of animal health and safety. Our products have been manufactured and distributed in the USA since 1926.



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