Evo Equine Rainbow Gloss Stirrups. 5”

Evo Equine Rainbow Gloss Stirrups. 5”

EvoEquine – Rainbow Gloss Collection
The EvoEquine Rainbow Gloss Collection is a completely extraordinary range of Bits, Stirrups & Spurs designed to look beautiful whilst helping your horse perform. From blues to purples, greens, golds and pinks our Rainbow Gloss coating provides a unique array of colours to otherwise boring stainless steel items.

Our Rainbow Gloss is made from a unique Titanium mixture which besides its spectacular cosmetic appearance has a fantastic set of properties making it one of the best materials to use in the horse’s mouth.
Titanium is the only metal that is 100% biocompatible with the body and has been used in jewellery and medical implants for many years due to its ability to not cause any reactions or allergies. Titanium is an incredibly strong material and thanks to its resistance to acid in the horse mouth actually promotes the production of saliva! As well as being completely bio compatible it’s nonmagnetic and has low temperature conduction properties allowing it to increase the horses comfort, wellbeing and ultimately performance.

​In nature titanium is coated by a layer of dioxide, that possess a high destructive power towards many bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus, bacillus anthracis, legionella and many more) and polluting substances dispersed in the atmosphere (nitrogen dioxide, benzene, sulphur oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and some particular fine particles). It so protects from possible infections and it is very hygienic. This is one of the main reasons why it is used in surgery, and in dentistry.
Made in England.
Additional sizes available for special order. Message us for details. 



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