JC's X-Tie  Up

JC's X-Tie Up


JC’s X-TIE UP™ can be utilized either as a preventative measure or for horses that are presently tying up. Trainers inform Finish Line® that one tube of JC’s X-TIE UP™ will promote healthy muscle function for up to one month with no side effects!


JC’s X-TIE UP™ has the following benefits for your horse:


  • Helps promote healthy muscle function in the horse
  • Contains a proprietary blend of vitamins that produce energy more efficiently
  • Administer JC’s X-Tie Up™ in the morning before strenuous activity to maximize its benefits
  • One syringe is effective for up to 30 days


JC’s X-TIE UP™ will help avoid tying up and have healthier muscle function for 30 days! This product is named after JC Howe who discovered the recipe over fifty years ago.



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