Total Tendon Repair

Total Tendon Repair


Total Tendon Repair is a next-generation tendon and ligament formula using a patented and clinically studied ingredient to support the healing process and the normalization of tendons and ligaments. Total Tendon Repair supplies the tendons and ligaments with essential ingredients required to maintain its biomechanical properties and support regeneration and recovery.

When used during the tendon or ligament rehabilitation process, it will support the proliferation and the remodeling phase of the tendon by promoting and supporting faster recovery. It will also support an increase in Type I collagen, which provides greater tensile strength and could help to reduce recurrences. It is critical to address tendon and ligament issues early before scarring occurs. Tendon related incidences are the most common veterinary related reason for retirement in performance and racehorses.

Studies have shown that ingredients in Total Tendon Repair have been proven in:

  • Normalizing Tendons and Ligaments
  • Supporting the healing process
  • Support strength and elasticity
  • Support healthy formation in growing colts
  • May reduce inflammation associated with every day exercise